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Melissa Daggett
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Become A Triple Threat success!

We believe HEALTH, WEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS form the CORE of a well balanced, fit and happy lifestyle. 

Most people need help or accountability in 1 or all 3 areas. 

We want to coach you and provide the tools to help you become a 3WAYFIT Triple Threat success!
Melissa Daggett

Change begins with challenge!

Start your transformative journey with our 6 Week Challenge, which incorporates a combination of workouts, nutrition plans, wellness articles, relationship videos and financial resources for all three pillars - HEALTH, WEALTH & RELATIONSHIPS.  Check in daily for 30 days and you will be on the path to forming the habits of a healthy mindset and lifestyle you can maintain.

Take a look inside the 3WayFit app

  New content is added to the app monthly!  

1) Workouts, Nutrition Plans, Relationship Planning, Financial Planning Success Secrets and MORE!

We have customized workouts for you no matter what your fitness level. Get your SEXY BACK without spending hours in the gym. Do the RIGHT THINGS to WIN!! Our workouts are EFFECTIVE and get you RESULTS!! Plus we teach you how to STILL EAT CHOCOLATE and your fave foods and still KEEP YOUR BODY FIT & HEALTHY! It's all in the ingredients, education, and lifestyle changes!

Here are a few of the workouts, health and fitness topics covered in the app:
  • Bootcamp Circuit training
  • On Demand workouts (shorter workout versions focusing on specific body parts)
  • Latin Body Workouts (sexy salsa and latin dance type cardio workouts)
  • ​Yoga, Partner Acro Yoga and Stretching
  • ​How To Afford Organic Foods on a Budget
3WayFit Coaches

A Healthy Lifestyle That Includes Foods You Love!  Yes, You Can Have Your Chocolate & Eat it Too!  

We've included healthy recipes and nutrition articles for every kind of eating plan, whether you are ketogenic, vegan or paleo, etc.  Learn Secrets that Will KEEP YOU maintaining your new body without sacrificing food you love. You'll love learning recipes such as Keto or Vegan Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Bars! And the more you learn to make your own recipes, the more $$$ you save.  If time is more important, we understand that too.  Your choice to save time or money, but both can be done. YOU GOT THIS!

2) Financial Fitness

MONEY IS SEXY when you understand HOW IT WORKS and HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU. End the financial stress and learn the rules of the money game to WIN and GET YOUR SEXY BACK IN YOUR FINANCES!! Studies indicate financial stress is one of the top reasons relationships fail. We make money simple and teach you how to build wealth by understanding the laws of money. MONEY KNOWLEDGE = POWER, AND POWER = SEXY.  Do You Need to Make More $$$? Learn how to take something you love and turn it into a side hustle.  Do you need to learn how to find more money?  Learn how to cut out thousands per year by cutting back on eating out, etc. and getting healthier at the same time.  Join our FB SOCIAL COMMUNITY to learn secrets to saving, investing and building wealth.

Here are some of the Finance topics covered in the app:
  • 5 Laws of Money
  • How to FIND MORE $$$
  • How to SAVE MORE $$$ without giving up what you love most
  • ​How to Budget on Auto Pilot
  • ​How to TALK ABOUT $$$ in a Positive Way: Building Dreams
  • ​Bonus: Join our FB Community and Learn how to NETWORK and build side hustles doing something you love.  We will help PROMOTE YOU!
Melissa Daggett

10 Money Conflicts with Couples

#3 Money Personality Styles– Sometimes it just comes down to understanding your partner's views on money, their challenges and struggles, and more importantly, their hidden dreams.  Focusing on your dreams together and HOW TO COMMUNICATE, Melissa will help you learn to communicate about a sensitive subject like money in a positive way that can potentiallyl bring you CLOSER as a couple when you build understanding and intimacy by planning and dreaming together, instead of defaulting to negative communication.  You cannot change your partner, but you can definitely learn to listen to each other, focus on winning together and communicating in a way that helps you get on the same page and become a team, even if you bring opposite personalities and strengths to the table!  Learn how this makes you both BETTER!

3) Relationships

WHY DO WE SPEND SO MUCH TIME and $$$ PLANNING THE WEDDING THAT LASTS 1 DAY but fail to invest in learning the secrets of truly great relationships? Relationships will fail if we don't learn how to invest in them or the tools that help them succeed and thrive. Take your relationships to the next level today! DON'T JUST HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER - GET A RELATIONSHIP PLANNER!

Here is just a sample of the Relationship topics covered in the app:
  • How to Manifest Your Dream Partner
  • How to Maintain DESIRE Once You Find Your Partner 
  • How to Improve Emotional Intimacy with Your Partner and take your Relationship to a NEW LEVEL
  • Communication is a SKILL, but most people do not work on improving it:  I will teach you how to master the skill of effective and successful communication with your partner and any relationship, which includes the art of skillful conflict RESOLUTION and learning how to negotiate. This is where most relationships FAIL.  Learn how to be on the SAME TEAM and WIN!  When you master this, you both win, and the relationship WINS!!
  • ​Balancing Time Together/Apart
  • ​Bonus: Enter to Win a Free Guy or Girls Dream trip by Joining our VIP FB Community. Included in the VIP 3wayfit App Membership 

17 Ways To Create Romance

Let's get CREATIVE!!  Yes, you can do this on a budget.  I'll show you how.
Physical Fitness
6 Week Challenge
Physical Fitness
Physical Fitness
Financial Fitness
Financial Health
Relationship Happiness

What People Are Saying About 3WayFit! 

"We've been working together since I believe 2015 and every year, I'm learning something new about how better to invest my money, how better to plan and if my plans should change, she's always there to give often suggestions and directions into which I should go to."


"Melissa was able to really see my heart and hear my heart and she was able to help me really start the process of giving myself a little more grace of learning how to forgive myself and unpacking really who I was again, who the new layers of me were looking like as I came out of this season into something new and fresh."


Meet Your Coaches

Melissa Daggett

Melissa Daggett

Certified Life Coach, Financial Advisor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Latin Dancer, and creator of the Power Couple Coach program. 
As a certified  Life/Relationship Coach and a former financial advisor, Melissa specializes in helping couples maintain healthy and thriving relationships. Finding the right partner is just the beginning. Her specialty is mastering communication and conflict resolution so that every area of the relationship can grow and THRIVE in true success and happiness. Breakdown in successful communication and conflict resolution is the #1 reason most relationships FAIL.  Communication is a SKILL that can be learned and even mastered, but not without a good coach and PRACTICE!  Learn to master the art of communication and learn how to successfully navigate through conflicts and the art of negotiation so that the RELATIONSHIP WINS.  Learn how to be on the SAME TEAM and fight FOR the relationship, rather than fighting against each other. A coach can help you form a successful team strategy and learn the skills to WIN together!  In addition, Melissa coaches and speaks on subjects ranging from personal fitness/health to self confidence to personal development to entrepreneurial planning to creative dating to financial freedom. You can also find her podcast, The Power Couple Coach, on Apple Podcasts where she interviews couples and experts on how to create and maintain great relationships.
Marty Velasco

Marty Velasco

20+ Year Career as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Martial Artist and Fitness Coach. 
Over his career, Marty has delivered incredible results for his clients in numerous cutting-edge programs, such as bootcamp training, core strength conditioning, travel companion workshops, and brides in training. He specializes in helping clients make a positive change in their life, no matter how old they are, or what shape they’re currently in. His training style provides an experience that empowers, motivates, and inspires you to never give up! Marty is also the owner of Fitness Edge, located in Lakewood, Ohio.

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